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Electrical Training

We provide training to electricians, maintenance people, and any other employees who work on or near electrical systems. The training is flexible with regard to topics, depth of coverage, and length of sessions. We would be happy to develop a customized program to meet your requirements.

OSHA requires training for all workers who may be exposed to electrical hazards, and additional training for anyone who works on or near exposed energized parts. OSHA will fine employers for non-compliance!

Representative Topics:
Basic Electricity

DC circuits, Ohm's Law, AC formulas, electrical components, wiring diagram symbols.

Industrial Power

Three phase power, Y and delta connections, grounding & bonding, circuit protection, wiring diagrams.

Electrical Safety

Grounding, test equipment, codes and standards, OSHA regulations, hazard recognition, personal protective equipment, lockout/tagout procedures.

Industrial Machines

Ladder diagrams, motors, controls, power supplies, other components.

Electrical Testing

Test equipment, safe testing procedures, measurement techniques, troubleshooting. Hands-on training.


Introduction to hardware, troubleshooting, ladder logic and programming. In-depth training on specific PLC types is also available.


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