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Forensic Engineering

Mr. Miller provides forensic engineering services to attorneys and insurance companies. Services include field and laboratory investigation, research, reports, trial preparation, and testimony. The following illustrates some of the cases he has been involved in.



  • Refrigerator
  • Coffee maker
  • Dishwasher
  • Dryer
  • Flourescent light fixtures
  • Industrial machines

Industrial Machines

  • Conveyor
  • Bailer
  • Cranes
  • Ground beef mixer
  • Metal processing machine
  • Presses

Electric Shock

  • Air handler
  • Exercize equipment
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Power line
  • Switchboard
  • Transfer switch

Arc Flash

  • Disconnect Switch
  • Switchboard

Patent Infringement

  • Ice dispensers
  • Beverage machine
  • Ice vending machine
  • Electrical controls
  • Digital truck scale

Process Systems

  • Silver recovery
  • Refrigerated warehouse


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